Visionary Wrx

Art meant to inspire. Animation meant to reflect our nature.

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Visionary Art Prints

These images, often taken as stills from animated works, endeavor to capture an esthetic which helps us reflect on our energetic and divine pure nature. Building from concepts from science, cosmology and often side-lined disciplines, Goa humbly enters the void, and creates for the fulfillment of all, with the intention to help unleash the joy-wave on planet Earth.

Goa’s giclee prints have shown in galleries in New York, California and Oregon. Most recently in an 1-foot showing at Alex Grey’s MicroCosm Gallery. The showing called Original Face, included 9 pieces from Goa, and was showing July-Aug 2007.

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Visionary Music Videos

Described as open-eye meditations, set to the music of Wingmakers, Elegant Shapes began as an exploration of sacred geometric form, spin, and reflection, and was awarded Critics Choice at an animated film festival in Seoul, Korea in 2001.  Goa was then commissioned by the Wingmakers to produce Meditations in Time|Space, which includes music, poetry and imagery from the Wingmakers. An inspired piece, it attempts to create a meditative landscape, drawing connections between our humanity and divine origins.

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