Visual Effects & Animation

Here’s a quick overview of the production services offered by liquidbuddha.studios (Click here for a full and detailed list.)

Not local? Not a problem! Refined over years of film production, we assist clients world wide using online collaborative and back-end media management tools… read more below!


  • 3D animation and motion-graphics
  • character and creature animation, modeling, rigging, motion-capture integration
  • concept development through 3D execution and finishing
Visual Effects
  • visual effects using Maya’s particle and fluid systems for dynamic & realistic effects
  • compositing with live-action film
Production / Post Production / Pre-Production

liquidbuddha what we offer

  • green-screen tracking and marker placement
  • chroma-key removal and edge cleanup
  • motion-tracking for CG integration, shot-stabilization, camera move extensions
  • color-correction
  • Pre-visuialization

liquidbuddha profile with Founder and Director Goa Lobaugh

  • Project planning & budgeting. Estimations.
  • Project tracking & reporting on execution.
  • Pipeline architecture creation and evolution management
Client Support Infrasturcure
  • Virtualized Production : Acrobat Connect, Final Cut Server, Skype, and more. Our team members can work remotely supported by a high-bandwidth anchor location on the west-coast fiber-optic trunk. 
  • Render Farm: to speed productions
  • Online review: online system for Review & Approval of assets, digital-dailies, finished works, etc.
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