Check out our Reel!

View our studio reel for a full demonstration of our capabilities, and some highlights of special moments from our body of work. Music by TONEdog.

Goa Lobaugh

New Digs

How do you like our new site? It has been a pleasure to work with the co-creative team at Inlightn Design, Nikita and Cornflower.  They are a master duo-design team, and we loved our collaborative process. Check out our new sections and watch the demo reel. We invite your feedback!

Visionary Art

Visionary Wrx

Compelling visionary art, inspired by sacred geometry, indigenous wisdom, and inner exploration.

Showing off to SOFaT

In September of 2011, liquidbuddha.studios hosted the Southern Oregon Film & Television groups monthly(ish) meeting.  We were so excited to show off our stuff, tour the studio and connect with the other members.  Finally available for online release, here’s the quick-n-dirty reel we put together to the meeting… it features some making of bits from […]

liquidbuddha Prayer for Gaia