liquidbuddha.studios works with filmmakers, researchers, makers and anyone who intends to bring symmetry, intention and beauty to their endeavor, whether its visual effects for Film or 3D Printing for a crowd-funding campaign, we bring our esthetic , ethic and presence to all we do.

For a more complete list of services, see both our VFX and 3DP services pages.

Most clients utilize us for the complete production lifecycle… from concept, pre-production, production and post. For this all-inclusive work, one minute of original, finished, HD or film resolution animation or visual effects cost $25K (USD).  On average, this can be done over a 6-8 week period, requiring 150-200 hours of artist time.

Hourly and Daily Rates vary depend on the artist at work and the job at hand, and range from $100/hr to $1900/hr.  Most animation, visual effects and post-production work is the range of $100-$250/hr. Custom MEL programming, or other more specialized work is at the higher end of our range.


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