iShooter: printable ring-stabilizer for the iPad

Announcing the iShooter, the first printable ring-style stabilization shell for the Apple iPad!  Like a “fig-rig” this non-traditional stabilizer snuggly supports the iPad, becoming part of the body, making it easy to produce smooth, steady traveling shots. 

Light weight and secure, this unique shell brings a pro-shooter tool home to the Fab-Lab!

Made up of 8 Ring Segments, 4 Attachments, and 1 of each Top and Bottom of the shell. Simply glue the attachments to the shell, and you’re ready to go. The ring-segmetns snap together. To detach them, undo the latch through the hole in the sidewall.


iShooter IS NOW available for the iPhone! Same great feel, but printed in only two pieces which snap together….order from Shapeways.!


We’ve spent the last few months getting up to speed with our new 3D printer from the fab-tastic folks at Ultimaker. It’s been such fun and we’re excited to be sharing our contributions to the exploding 3D printing industry.


You can download to print at home, or print online with Shapeways… click below!



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