Cosmic Geometry Toolkit

torus example 1The Cosmic Geometry Toolkit was initially developed for the film THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?, as a way for our artists to quickly and accurately model toroidal dynamics. Although its easy to create a torus primitive with any 3D modeling tool, our goal was to move beyond simply animating a texture on a torus surface, and model the “evolutionary wave-front” itself, which traverses the torus surface… twisting in from the top,  out the bottom,  up and around the outsides, and down through the center again.

FOL grid

The resulting algorithm enables the creation of a perfectly balanced, animated, evolutionary toroidal wave-front in the form of either an animated curve (which can then drive a host of visual effects), or a collection of  primitives moving in the toroidal pattern.

phi vortex flat

Once we had tamed the torus, we aimed our sights on translating the phi-spiral, the jitterbugging vector-equilibrium, and the flower-of-life…. each with their own unique animated and nestable features.



After THRIVE’s production work was complete, we decided to round out the offering by including one-click creation for any platonic geometry. Be sure to check out each of the tab’s descriptions for quick-start guides, examples and more.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.48.42 AM

We’ve invested thousands of hours developing this unique sacred-geometric visual effects tool set.  If you find it useful, please consider donating a satoshi or two, as a gratitude for the work, and to fund further development.

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Below is the link to download the code and install instructions. This source-code is offered as open-source for non-commercial use. For commercial use of the toolkit, contact us to establish a Commercial Licensing Agreement.

 Download the MEL Code from GitHub

If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback on future improvements, please contact us. If you are a MEL programmer and want to help develop the codebase, let’s collaborate on GitHub!

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