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liquidbuddha.studios is a boutique software development, design, animation and visual effects studio. We specializes in translating scientific, esoteric, and spiritual concepts into compelling, high production value media for film, web, or broadcast use.

What people have to say about Goa and liquidbuddha.studios

William GazeckiWilliam Gazecki, Academy Award Nominated Director
We live in an age where everyone is learning to work and play with new technologies. To some, technology is a weapon, to others it’s a tool for increased productivity, and to still others it’s a new medium for artistic expression. For Goa, technology seems to be all three. Goa is a warrior for peace who uses technology as a tool for expressing his worldview through art. It is rare to have an individual with an understanding of business, technology and spirituality, who can administer and execute any effort with the sort of clarity, committment and underlying values Goa brings to the table. He is a unique and remarkable man, and an inspiring collaborator.”


Foster GambleFoster Gamble, President, Clear Compass Media
Goa is conscious, wise, honest, reliable, creative and skilled. He is a delight to work with and his creations are beautiful, complex and innovative. I continue to work with him after several years and recommend him and Liquid Buddha Studios whole-heartedly.


James TwymanJames Twyman, New York Times Best Selling Author & Director of The Moses Code
I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been to live so close to Goa and Liquid Buddha Studios. I am constantly amazed at his talent and how well he brings abstract concepts into visual form. Add the fact that he is one of the most delightful men I’ve ever met and you have a combination that can’t be beat. I’ve worked on two films now with Goa, and if I ever do another he will be there again.”

What is “Sacred Geometry”


Sacred Geometry has been attributed to western thinkers such as Plato (c. 423 –c. 348), a follower of Pythagoras (c. 570–c. 495).
However, deeply encoded threads of sacred geometry can be found in most ancient traditions and civilizations, such as the Mayan, Dogon, Egyptian and Aboriginal traditions. Even from an outsiders perspective, it’s obvious that many secret traditions, (such as the Rosicrucian, Kabalistic or Masonic mystery schools) regard them as essential aspects to their philosophy, ritual and symbolism.

Goa founded liquidbuddha.studios with the belief that each discipline is defining it’s unique perspective of the same source. Therefore, all are simply “pointing to the moon”.

Wikipedia says:
A contemporary usage of the term sacred geometry describes assertions of a mathematical order to the intrinsic nature of the universe. Scientists see the same geometric and mathematical patterns as arising directly from natural principles. Among the most prevalent traditional geometric forms ascribed to sacred geometry are the sine wave, the sphere, the vesica piscis, the torus (donut), the 5 platonic solids, the golden spiral, the tesseract (4-dimensional cube), Fractals and the star tetrahedron (2 oppositely oriented and interpenetrating tetrahedrons) which leads to the merkaba.”

Goa remarks “I choose to work with these forms as tools to access this flow of creativity. Understanding that all humans, regardless of origin or current paradigm, can access these encoded streams of creation, present from the beginning, persistent in the fabric of our matrix, continual, multi-dimensional, inherently creative, made essentially of light and structured through consciousness.  I attempt, as all mystics before me, to access this source-flow and mediate it’s translation into digital form. Supported by my team, I create visionary art for the digital frontier, and sacred geometry is part of my core toolset.”

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