Thrive Music Video Released

HERE IT IS!  Be sure to see the Thrive music video, produced by the amazing Blood’nChocolate in Los Angeles. There are eleven clips created by liquidbuddha.studios in the music video.  Can you find them all? 

This touching and inspiring music video features moments from the Thrive film, as well as some behind-the-scenes snips of the recording sessions.

2 Responses to “Thrive Music Video Released”
  1. Wonderful…as we sat on 11-11-11 in deep Lakota Sweat lodge ceremony you were releasing a powerful movement…Well done brothers and sisters…I know our paths will be crossing more in the future…There is great work to be done…Hats off to you for your initiative…A dear friend of mine is Ralph Ring who sent me your details…
    He is the real deal…And a true gentleman..Also one of the Elder Statesmen and Trustees of our Foundation…
    Big Love and Blessings…

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