Cosmic Geometry toolkit on GitHub!

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As promised, we’ve open sourced the liquidbuddha.studios Cosmic Geometry Toolkit on GitHub.  See our full page under Cosmic Geometry Toolkit for more information, tutorials, and a place to donate!

Special thanks go out to both Nick Johnson and Casey Pyke for their support in developing, testing, debugging and helping to refine the Cosmic Geometry Toolkit.  And a very special thanks to Nick for his amazing Jitterbuging VE code and extensive UI work. Lastly, deep gratitude to both Foster Gamble and Nassim Haramein for their insights and guidance in getting the geometry just right for THRIVE.

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3D Printing & the Rise of the Multi-Dimensional Maker

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, held in Boulder, Colorado in September of 2013, hosted a variety of pioneers, innovators, leaders and new paradigm thinkers on the topic of breakthrough energy technology.

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Goa was invited to speak on the role of 3D printing in the new energy paradigm.  Having worked directly with 3D printers and makers from around the world, Goa shared his journey and insights as to why 3D printing is not just a new major influence, but rather signals a much larger movement toward multi-dimentional making… where the creative process synergies with an open-source ecosystem, resulting in acceleration on many levels… from inspiration thru development, capitalization, manufacturing, distribution, and beyond.  Goa also looks ahead and predicts trends in the space of 3D printing, examining evolving printing media and technologies, as well as the growing ecosystem of open-source influences.

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Heartmath releases latest liquidbuddha animation

Released in May of 2013, “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence” highlights the missions of and the Global Coherence Initiative, using liquidbuddha’s unique visual effects and motion graphics to convey the subtle energies we create and that affect us.

Building from the foundation of visual effects from THIRVE: What on Earth Will It Take?, this piece goes further to illustrate how our thoughts and intentions affect the field in which we are all connected.

iShooter: printable ring-stabilizer for the iPad

Announcing the iShooter, the first printable ring-style stabilization shell for the Apple iPad!  Like a “fig-rig” this non-traditional stabilizer snuggly supports the iPad, becoming part of the body, making it easy to produce smooth, steady traveling shots. 

Light weight and secure, this unique shell brings a pro-shooter tool home to the Fab-Lab!

Made up of 8 Ring Segments, 4 Attachments, and 1 of each Top and Bottom of the shell. Simply glue the attachments to the shell, and you’re ready to go. The ring-segmetns snap together. To detach them, undo the latch through the hole in the sidewall.


iShooter IS NOW available for the iPhone! Same great feel, but printed in only two pieces which snap together….order from Shapeways.!


We’ve spent the last few months getting up to speed with our new 3D printer from the fab-tastic folks at Ultimaker. It’s been such fun and we’re excited to be sharing our contributions to the exploding 3D printing industry.


You can download to print at home, or print online with Shapeways… click below!



new liquidbuddha.studios bumper

Check out our new 10 second bumper we created for an upcoming documentary. Some nifty cosmic-geometric effects!

Introduction to “The Code” by Foster Gamble

Here Foster Gamble, visionary behind THRIVE:What On Earth Will It Take? shares a brief introduction to the CODE.. the toroidal dynamic which is the fundamental pattern of the universe.  liquidbuddha.studios created all the visual effects shown here, from UFOs to Free Energy and Crop Circles energetic overlays. Enjoy this taste of cosmic geometric wonderment!

UFO Ship Drive by liquidbuddha.studios

Our exploration of energy and toroidal dynamics took us into many strange worlds, none more dramatic than animating the drive of an actual UFO spacecraft, as witnessed by Lane Andrews. Lane was invited onboard a extra-terrestrial craft, and given instruction as to its fundamental dynamics.  She shares her amazing findings with THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?… imho, it’s one of our best, most engaging animations.  🙂 Enjoy!

Practical Mysticism wrap

Goa shares a non-linear summary of the softer side of our production approach, sharing how we ground our creative process in the unseen, so that the result honors the greater intention and spirit of the piece.

How the universe works

Nassim Haremein describe the nature of the universe as toroidal expressions on every scale imaginable. As part of an interviews with Foster Gamble, visionary behind THRIVE: What On Earth Will it Take?

liquidbuddha.studios was eager to create the effects for this this segment, attempting to accurately portray the full scope of our human understanding.. from atom to human to  super-galactic-cluster! oh-my!

Something interesting… for the final shot in this segment, we actually created an accurate 3D model of all known galaxies out 200 million light years… we try to ground everything with as much realism as possible, because we feel that we respond to it vibration of the piece in a deeper way. Do you agree? let us know!

All Life is Interconnected

Ashook Gangadean explaining the multidimentional internconnectedness of it all, as part of an interview with visionary Foster Gamble, in THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
liquidbuddha pioneered some breathtaking effects to illustrate the toroidal, fractal, continuous flow of energy that connects us all.
liquidbuddha Prayer for Gaia