Illuminated Buddha Series at OM Gallery

Goa’s “Illuminated Buddha” series at the OM Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz, CA

Goa’s latest artistic series “Illuminated Buddha” debuts at the OM Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz, CA in mid December 2016. This mixed media creation series features images of the Buddha’s face carved into illuminated acrylic slabs. These hand made elegant creations blend spirituality, technology and conscious awareness resulting in dynamic and dramatic neo-archetypal artistic expressions.

Goa at OM Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz, CA

The process begins with a photograph which is converted into a half-tone image and prepared for carving via specialized software. The image is then carved by a CNC machine into thick acrylic slabs and mounted into a hand made hardwood and acrylic base which have been fitted with programable color LEDs. The lights can be customized to any color or set to gently cycle through the color spectrum for a dynamic look. The half-tone is enhanced with a wave bringing additional dimension and movement to the image.

This series also expands the studio’s offering of services with custom illuminated acrylic commissioned pieces in sizes from a few inches to up to three feet wide. Please contact Goa via the contact form if you would like a custom commissioned piece made for you or your business.

The OM Gallery is located at 1201 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 and is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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