3D Printing & the Rise of the Multi-Dimensional Maker

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, held in Boulder, Colorado in September of 2013, hosted a variety of pioneers, innovators, leaders and new paradigm thinkers on the topic of breakthrough energy technology.

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Goa was invited to speak on the role of 3D printing in the new energy paradigm.  Having worked directly with 3D printers and makers from around the world, Goa shared his journey and insights as to why 3D printing is not just a new major influence, but rather signals a much larger movement toward multi-dimentional making… where the creative process synergies with an open-source ecosystem, resulting in acceleration on many levels… from inspiration thru development, capitalization, manufacturing, distribution, and beyond.  Goa also looks ahead and predicts trends in the space of 3D printing, examining evolving printing media and technologies, as well as the growing ecosystem of open-source influences.

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